Home Insurance



For most, a home is the single largest investment made in a lifetime. At JWK, we want to make sure you are protected against financial distress and insured in the case of a claim. By speaking with our clients one on one, we will identify any potential exposures and suggest the appropriate coverages available to protect against these exposures.

No two homes are the same, so no two home insurance policies should be the same. Identifying a value to rebuild can often be a tough task. Our brokers will take all the required information in order to make sure that your home is insured to value and you return to your home as soon as possible after a loss.

There are many reasons to have home insurance, some of these reasons may be:

– Your mortgage lender requires you to have it

– You will be protected from potential lawsuits against you or your property

– Your valuables will be protected from an insured loss

– You are protected against catastrophic losses such as floods, windstorms, or fires

– You have a have temporary place to live in while your home is being repaired

– Protection against theft and burglary

For all of the reasons listed above and many more unforeseeable disasters, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are covered by your home insurance policy with JWK Insurance. Call our office to talk about your home insurance needs.